The Perfect Dental Facebook Ad Strategy

The Facebook ad strategy that attracts Implant, Invisalign, Denture, and Sedation leads at $35/ea.


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In this FREE Facebook Ads guide you'll learn:

How To FINALLY Stop Wasting Money On Facebook Ads

Inside, we show you how to write copy and choose imagery that attracts the BEST patients to your practice and avoids price shoppers.

The Perfect Dental Facebook Ad Formula

We'll show you our proven Facebook ad formula that has our client's new patient leads skyrocketing.

4 Facebook Case Studies

Starting on page 7, we reveal the EXACT Facebook ads we're running for our clients to attract implant, Invisalign, denture, and sedation leads at $35/each. Simply copy these ads and launch your campaign immediately.

Plug and Play Ad Framework

On page 12 we show you our 3 part ad copy framework so you can write new ads quickly and effectively without needing copy writing experience.

Anatomy Of The Perfect Facebook Ad

You'll learn the #1 SECRET to why certain ads attract high quality new patients, and why others waste money.

How To Choose The Perfect Image

As much as 70% of a Facebook Ad’s success depends on choosing the right image. Page 14 reveals how to choose the PERFECT image so your ad stands out and attracts the RIGHT patients to your practice.

Writing Facebook Approved Copy

We'll break down how to write ad copy so that Facebook approves it EVERY time.

The Tools Of The Trade

We reveal EXACTLY which tools you can use to create ads faster and edit images without any graphic design experience


And so much more...

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Hey! My name is John Mogannam.

I help dentists who are struggling to achieve consistent and reliable new patient growth. I help them attract high-quality new patients so they can grow their practice, dominate their market, and take back their time.


This guide provides 4 powerful Facebook Ad case studies pulled directly from our Facebook Ads Manager. These are the EXACT ads we're currently running for our clients, and you could pull our ads right out of the guide and start running them for yourself. We'll break down why we build our ads the way we do, so you can customize them perfectly for your practice.


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