Local Search Engine Marketing

With Google handling more than two trillion searches a year, and nearly half of those having local intent, it’s safe to say that having a local presence for your business is huge.


And that all starts with a Google My Business listing


The search engine results page (SERP) is divided into areas: paid advertisement, organic results, and Google Plus Local results.


The results of local search engine optimization are visible for the potential customers. That can bring in new prospects from local searches, citations, and publications on relevant sources.


Local SEO services can enable your customers to find you locally and that you’re always top of mind. Whether they're in your neighborhood or visitors passing through, without local SEO, your business could miss out on some of your most qualified traffic, and in turn, miss out on sales. If you’d like to speak with a local SEO specialist, you can reach us at 916-220-7646


Locations optimized1 to 21 to 21 to 2up to 5
Local keyword research for 5 services or products
Active location data management on 50+ local business websites
Google My Business - setup/optimization
Google My Business - photo/multimedia additions (content provided by client)
Google My Business - categories setup
Google My Business - address matching
Citation tracking system
Bing Local - Local optimization
Apple Maps - Local optimization
Yelp - Local Optimization
CitySearch - Local Optimization
Facebook - Business page setup or review (basic)
Facebook checkins - Verification/setup of location
On-page SEO work for website
Address added to current website page[s] (if applicable)
Website copywriting with locally-optimized terms1 page per quarter2 pages per quarter3 pages per quarter3 pages per quarter
Titles and meta descriptions (for 5 keywords)
hCard microformat / schema HTML tags added to address on website
Content link buildingCustom QuoteCustom QuoteCustom QuoteCustom
Reviews set up - software only
Reviews - notifications of new local reviews
Reviews - automated review solicitation via email address upload of your existing customer list
Reviews - positive reviews can be automatically added to your website
Reviews - fully-managed (Results Digital Marketing responds to reviews, contacts your customers for reviews, NPS score generated and updated, etc.)Custom QuoteCustom QuoteCustom QuoteCustom
Customer review building guide
Call Tracker
Call Tracker - web and phone call lead capture
Call Tracker - video recordings of converted web leads
Up to 100 web lead phone calls tracked per month (1 location)
Additional call tracking (past 100 calls for 1 location)Custom QuoteCustom QuoteCustom QuoteCustom
Dedicated account representative
Ongoing monthly traffic reporting
Google My Business - monthly performance reporting
Ongoing monthly customer reviews reporting
One time campaign investment (Two month duration):$750$1,000$1,250$1,250
Progressive monthly optimization (1 year commitment - subsequent 10 months):$297$497$647$797 + $50 a month for each additional location
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Why is Results Digital Marketing's Local SEO so special?

Results Digital Local SEO service is quite different from the traditional meaning of the term. Apart from the standard activities within Local SEO, our approach includes working on internal website SEO-optimization, general branding, and reputation marketing, all aimed at increasing your brand awareness and forming a positive brand image.


Who is this service for:

  • The business has a physical location;
  • You get some or all of your customers locally.
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