Reputation Marketing


Manage, Build and Market Your Reputation


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Harness the Power of Customer Reviews


The days of simply monitoring for a negative comment are gone. Help customers share their positive experiences to build trust and grow your business.


Reputation Marketing for Your Practice

Customers check out a business before they even step foot in your door. This means that they now head to the Internet to choose the type of business they are looking for. They also want to evaluate recommended businesses. There are over 100 rating sites inviting consumers to post their experiences. Their posts, in aggregate, affect your business and your bottom line.


Shape the Online Conversation


1) Monitoring the Top Directories
2) Sending Review Alerts to Client
3) Doing detailed Reputation Reporting
4) Providing Monthly Marketing Analysis
5) Client Feedback CRM


Online reputation correlates with revenue in your business. That means more new customers.  Be proactive in this critical aspect of your business.


Build Your Reputation


1) Build an Employee Training Center
2) Provide Feedback Review/Survey Pages
3) Providing a Custom Print Media Center
4) Providing a Custom Mobile Review App
5) Providing a Custom Client Sign-In Form or Page
6) Setting up a Proprietary Posting System that automatically posts client's 5-star reviews online in places like Google+, Yelp, or Yellow Pages


Learn more about effective methods of attracting new customers. Reputation Marketing combined with Conversion Tracking will help you understand the customert journey to your business.


Marketing Your Reputation


1) Marketing New & Existing Reviews on the Client's Website 2) Marketing New & Existing Reviews on the Client's Social Media
3) Marketing Review Images on the Client's Social Media
4) Marketing 45-60 Second Review Commercials on the Top Video Sharing Sites Like YouTube & Daily Motion


A team of Internet marketing experts continuously harmonizes your online profiles, helping search engines and customers alike find you more often. Be associated with the services you offer.


From Wikipedia,
The reputation marketing field has evolved from the marriage of the fields reputation management and brand marketing and involves a brand's reputation being vetted online in real-time by consumers leaving online reviews and citing experiences on social networking sites. With the popularity of social media in the new millennium, vetting has turned from word-of-mouth to the digital platform, forcing businesses to take active measures to stay competitive and profitable.

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